Tip of the Day: Midi Skirts

Not quite feeling the maxi today and the mini is not your style here are some tips to style the perfect midi! -Janae-




{Tip 1: For a simple elegance pair a top & midi skirt with similar colors. This will allow the eye to catch the outfit as a whole. Pick one color from your look and make it pop with accessories}




{Tip 2: Go bold with a pop of color and a neutral top. Pick a full midi skirt to the ultimate lady like glam}


Damsel in Dior


Damsel in Dior

{Tip 3: To achieve a work worthy look pair a pleated two tone top with a asymmetrical blazer. Each piece has their own lines which gives this look a clean feel.}

Fashion Diva Design

 Fashion Diva Design

{Tip 4: Pairing a basic midi skirt with a top that speaks for itself gives the impression of a dress. }

Karlas Closet


Karla’s Closet 

{Tip 5: Let the midi skirt lead by pairing it with barely there sandals and a skim crop top. The midi skirt should be structured or pattern to add the awe factor}

Remain Simple


Remain Simple Tumblr

{Tip 6; Adding different textures gives your look dimension. Pair a sheer midi skirt with a sweater and leather for a biker glam look }

What Would A Nerd Wear


What Would A Nerd Wear

{Tip 7: Pair a T-shirt with a pleated midi skirt and tennis shoes for the perfect day time casual look}


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