Tip of the Day: Blazers

Blazers go way back. They are versatile between men and women. Blazers can be worn with almost anything! Here are some tips to master styling this must have staple.

Readers Note: I used one blogger to showcase the various different ways to style a blazer. This unusual but very effective. Photos used from Native Fox

Jennifer G Red Blazer Sweatpants

 Native Fox

{Tip 1: To get a unique business look pick a bold color blazer and pair it with a unique style pants. Remember to pick sophisticated shoes and accessories to match the business vibe of your look.}

Jennifer G Printed Blue Blazer

 Native Fox

{Tip 2: To add flavor to basic look go for a printed blazer. Pick a blazer that pops whether that be in color or pattern.}

Jennifer G White Blazer

 Native Fox

{Tip 3: To style a sexy casual look pair your blazer with sweatpants or pants with a loose fit. Add heels for the sex appeal. If the heels aren’t enough put a sexy top underneath the blazer. I would go for crop, sheer, or underwear as outerwear top.}

Jennifer G Red Blazer Set

 Native Fox

{Tip 4: To take a suit to the next level go for a short suit. Pick a bold color for the ultimate pop in your look. Add flavor with a graphic tee or a button down.}

Jennifer G Blazer Dress

 Native Fox

{Tip 5: For total uniqueness turn a blazer into a structured dress.}

Jennifer G Striped

 Native Fox

{Tip 6: Pick a colored skinny jean and pair those with a black and white blazer. This is a look that can be worn throughout the day with a level of glam.}

Jennifer G B Blazer B Pants

 Native Fox 

{Tip 7; The basic suit. Pick one color that will go throughout your look. You want a tailored look so make sure to find a blazer and pants that fit well. For a modern day suit pick pants in cuts that are unusual. (Skinny, Flare, Bootcut)}

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