She’s A…



Happy Thursday Everyone!! Today I wanted to talk about self love, acceptance, and confidence. Getting in front of the camera and documenting my style on a daily basis at first was nerve wrecking. Seeing yourself in various amounts of photos you are the only one who see all those meticulous flaws. The flaws no one else sees. I know it crazy but sometimes I psychoanalyze my photos. Its a rare occurrence, I am very comfortable in my short caramel skin. I know that every flaw I see in the mirror and in photos is just my inner demons holding myself to the highest of the high standards. I saw this quote a while ago She’s A… and it named all these motivational adjectives. SO on days where my inner Janae is picking at the little things I say I am a doer, I am believer, I am a dreamer, I am thinker, I am beautiful, I am imperfect, I see possibilities, and I am me flaws in all! Self acceptance, Self love, and Self Confidence is the way we strive. Encouraging ourselves to do what we are uncomfortable with opens our minds to so many possibilities. How do you deal with your inner demons?













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