Stay Foolish


Happy Friday to all! Are you happy that is Friday. I am so amazed at how fast that this week went. Only a few more days until I’m blogging from Atlanta. Which will be strange in a good of course because I am going to be a nanny for a month. Super excited still working out how I can blog and nanny but I love a challenge. Staying foolish is y goal. Being foolish reminds you that crazy unplanned things can lead to amazing happy experiences, SO if I remain on the outskirts of situations instead of placing myself directly in the chaos I will miss out on some of my best adventures, I would never want to look back and say “Hey I never got do that really foolish thing!” There is no fun in that!!! I want to look back and say “Damn I did really foolish stuff but they led to some of my best adventure!”

Just as my look du jour is night time glamour but I thought I would wear it during the day! I mean why not? I don’t think breaking fashion rules are foolish because rule are meant to be broken to a certain point. I do believe you have to being foolish requires a little adversity towards rules and the mystical style authorities! SO for this weekend and beyond remember to be foolish and stay foolish! It will get you far!!









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