Summer Solstice


Happy MONDAY! Happy Belated Summer Solstice! I am so happy for it to be officially summer! I love everything about summer!!! My summer solstice started off with good news and continued throughout my weekend with excitement! On Friday (ironically a day before summer solstice) I got news that I got a job I applied for a while ago. I was becoming so discouraged! I thought I was forever doomed on the job hunt front. My job news was such a stress reliever because I thought I was going to have to come back from ATL and start job hunting all over again while starting school. I would have been STRESSED like no other. SO cheers to the SUMMER SOLSTICE for starting my new summer adventure off on a good note!

Speaking of summer adventures, for the summer solstice I headed to a Jazz and Art festival! Yes just as you could imagine it was fun! I was completely mesmerized by all the art. I am an art whore (excuse my language but its that serious). As we walked through the art festival I saw these pieces that were a multi-media art on huge canvas with bright colors. Needless to say I fell in love. I wish I took pictures to show you guys. They were some of my favorites along with the glass art. I am so happy to say I started my summer solstice off with good news and a festival. I am sending my love and good vibes your way. I believe that summer gives you a chance to create a new adventure. So remember to stay foolish and go for it. The memories you will create will be with you forever!






Happy Belated SUMMER SOLSTICE! Now go out and start a new adventure!!!




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