Tip of the Day: Summer Hats

Yes summer is here and so is the time for summer hats! Floppy, wide brimmed, adorable hats! Here are some tips on how to style the perfect summer hat look!


When I’m Older

{Tip 1: The classic straw summer hat can be the perfect accessory for a summer look that has fun bold colors.}



Clip Zine

{Tip 2: To get the perfect summer look pair a jewel tone or pastel maxi with a structured floppy brimmed hat. I would go for a maxi dress that is embellished in the bodice and a textured hat. This will create a beautifully assembled look. }


Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

{Tip 3: So you wan to turn heads. Pairing pieces in different textures is one way to do that. Pair a rounded brimmed hat with an embellished top and a leather bottom.}


Hey Natalie Jean

{Tip 4: For the perfect casual summer maxi look find a t-shirt like design maxi and pair it with an AMAZING summer hat. Above she added color with her hat. The accent of navy blue pairs well with the neutral tones}


 Miss Pool

{Tip 5: For a sleek summer look pair a black rounded fedora with printed shorts and a basic black top. This creates unity throughout the outfit but adds a pop with print}


Sunny And Turquoise 

{Tip 6: To wear a hat in your daily functions pair straw like fedora with your favorite jeans and your favorite button down. I actually would pair it with my favorite V-Neck and dark skinnies!  }


The Best Fashion Blog 

{Tip 7: To make the hat the center of your outfit, Pick a a hat of color and pair it with neutral based pieces}

Tuula Vintage

 Tuula Vintage 

{Tip 8: Nothing screams summer better than the perfect all white look. Find a perfect sundress and pair it with a fun floppy sun hat!}

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