News Du Jour 6/23/14

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The news of CEO Dov Charney being stripped of his chairmen duties and suspended as CEO of American Apparel has taken the fashion world for a spin. Dov Charney has been accused of an array of allegations surrounding various misconduct. As of today the specifics behind the sudden boot of Charney have been left to vague interpretation.

According to the letter that Buzzfeed received Charney was released from American Apparel due to breaching his fiduciary duty, violating company policy and misusing corporate assets. Along with other older allegations such sexual harrassment, bribing female employees, and not following company policy. The extra allegations have come to light due to the company’s deteriorating funds. According to the board Charney drove down the company with personal travel/ expenses, bribing, and a various amount of other allegations. Charney does have a grace period to ensue legal action to get his company back but in the mean time what does this mean for American Apparel.

With low funds and the shadow of Charney harboring dark clouds over the company can they overcome this hardship and get back to the foundation of the American Apparel brand. *

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Located on the outskirts of Paris the well anticipated Foundation Louis Vuitton Museum is set to open on October 26! The Louis Vuitton Museum spans over 126,000 sqft in the Jardin d’Acclimatation. There are 11 galleries dedicated to housing the art collection of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. According to Jean-Paul Claverie, the manager of LVMH philanthropic duties said: “That It will express the artistic, cultural and emotional values, as well as the art of living, promoted by Bernard Arnault and the LVMH group, but it is truly a charitable foundation, devoted to the public as a whole.”

With the opening of the Louis Vuitton Museum how can you not be excited to travel to Paris!? (Among other reasons)

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With the revamp of the Coach brand under the new creative director Stuart Vevers’, Coach has announced that it will be closing 70 of it’s North American stores by the beginning of the first half of 2015. Coach has predicted a revenue decline for 2015. In addition to the closures the last standing stores will also undergo renovations. Outlet closures and openings will also grace the 2015 year. With the expansion to a more wide world fan base Vevers’ plans to bring back the elegance of the ready to wear accessory line.

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Cara Delevingne challenges Instagram”s No Nudity Policy in a clever racy way! While on vacation in in Bali Cara posted this picture among another one with the caption “What happens in Bali, Stays in Bali.” Using a Do Not Enter sign and flashlights to make her stand well known on Instagram’s NO NUDITY POLICY! I have to give props to Cara! Very clever way to make a statement!




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