Keep It Simple

IMAG4144Wow 3 days and counting till I’m in Atlanta! I have so much to do and I swear the list keeps getting bigger the closer I get to the departure date! I am trying to work out all the kinks like finding a photographer in ATL so I can keep you all posted on my travel journey! Atlanta is such an artsy and creative place that you I am always inspired. Not to mention all the little shops, coffee places, and awesome people! I wish I had a travel photographer at my beck and call but since I don’t I’ll make it work!!! I am so stoked for this new summer adventure! I get to explore a city that I love! Share my summer adventure! Nanny children who are awesome and extremely adorable!

So when I was exploring my new home I came across this mural on the wall of the cute little coffee shop. Keep It Simple in psychedelic writing. I thought that this would be a perfect place to grab some pictures while I was running around doing errands. I loved that fact that the writing on the wall was Keep It Simple. Although simplicity is the least notion I want from life it is important in so many areas of life. If you are running around all over the place one way to channel simplicity is through a simple outfit! Remember where you want excitement in life and where you need simplicity. I need simplicity in all my relationships! Friendships, partnerships, and love life (love life to an extent), While I need excitement in my social endeavors, travel, clothing, career, and so much more. I crave an equal delicate balance between simplicity and excitement but who doesn’t!!IMAG4145IMAG4131IMAG4147IMAG4142IMAG4126




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