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As Many Things


Hi everyone from Atlanta! I am so super happy to be here in Atlanta! The trip was so long but totally worth it. I wanted to give you guys an update and let you know that I am still here. So I am staying just outside of this cute downtown area. Today after I was officially off duty from being Mary Poppins I went and did a preliminary view of Downtown Decatur. I spotted many cute coffee spots that host poetry and live music. Definitely going to be a go to place while I am here. Not to mention all of these yummy restaurants (The inner foodie in me is licking her lips)! I also spotted some good photo locations! Various nooks and crannies that housed murals and exotic sculptures and what not! As for what the center of Atlanta holds for me, I will be here for ATLs Fashion Week!

I am still in the search for a photographer in Atlanta. I really want to document my summer adventure with me in the pictures! So for now on I will capture Atlanta life through the lens of my camera! Sort of like a photo travel guide. SO you are going to have to stay tuned on my instagram account! I will do my best to post my tip of the day plus an a Travel update.

Next random thought! Wrapping up my first day as a nanny today! Crazy fun! The children I care for are so AWESOME and HAPPY that I smile when I think about all the activities we did today. I was thinking of adding a little kid friendly section on my Google + page called the Nanny Diaries! This will provide parents and childcare providers with a guide to what is Kid Friendly in ATL and snippets of activities I use to keep a 4 and 5 year old busy in the summer. I also might continue this column as I am preschool assistant teacher for my job at home.

All in all my first real day in Atlanta (Sunday doesn’t count because I slept through that day) was just as expected! AWESOME! Stay posted on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and GOOGLE+ for the through the lens guide to Decatur and Atlanta!

Wishing you all a good week and hoping you fall in love with as many things as possible!



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