Hey SO What’s Up

July  Hey Guys! So I know I have been a little bit distant! I wanted to give another Atlanta update! Last time a checked in I had just arrived in the ATL. It has been two weeks since and I have a lot to share.   Being a nanny for two of the cutest kids in the universe is so AMAZING but it has been so exhausting! I think my coffee addiction has worsened, if that is possible. How else would I stay on the kids energy level! Maybe straight sugar would do the same thing… HMM wheels turning! We have had so much fun! We decided to host a pirate day based off of the Veggie Tales Silly Song “The Pirates Who Don’t DO Anything.” The kids had so much fun doing things that pirates do like, eating donuts and bobbing for apples! We also created a pirate ship and performed the silly song for the parents at the end of the day! I was the creative slave for the day. Being bossed around by a four and a five year old is a crazy experience! Along with the pirate day we have had fun with water, Legos’, field trips, and some serious crafting!

Probably one of the coolest ATL activities I have done is compile a list of all the places to go here. Kind of like the deeper cut version of ATL! SO thus far I have went to the food truck festival and couple other things to do with food. NO I am not sick of the yummy southern food! Its so delicious! (I see full blown P90x in my near future)!

Another random thought on my mind is I am thinking of adding beauty tutorials to JSQ! I always love doing my makeup! I even hear that I take FOREVER!!!! I reply that this is an art it takes a delicate hand and some serious focus!!!! SO this is where I need the help of my beauty blogger friends out there! Any tips? Do’s or Don’t’s? Suggestions? I can’t wait to have some outfit posts for everyone and get back into the swing of the natural flow of JSQ!! See you guys soon in another update post!!!



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