Dear Life



Dear Life,

As I sit up in my bed, knowing that at 8am I will be dealing with a 4 year old, I can not help but let my mind wonder into the unknown. The murky uncertain that looms like a dark cloud yet has the vague aura of excitement dances in my mind. My Atlanta adventure coming to an end and my new more busy time consuming adventure awaits for me in Ohio. There is so much excitement surging through my body for my launch back into college life. The past year has had it’s fair share of adventures and test. Some of which I thought there was no way I would make it over the horizon. There were other adventures that led me to a place of passion. 

My unexpected year journey has provided me with perspective. Over the last year my perspective has heightened to bird’s eye view. I now see the bigger picture as whole instead of one puzzle piece at a time. Last June I was blinded by the uncertainty that life brought me. In reality you, life, stirred up the questions I was too afraid to ask my self. The biggest question you brought a natural disaster to was my career path. There was always an inkling in my mind if I was going into the right career path. I mean what 18 year old really knows exactly what they are destined to do? Well I thought I was pretty damn sure PreMed was my destiny…! Yup my unacquainted love for science and the belief bestowed upon me “to go after the job that gives you the money.’ REALITY CHECK… 

Yes I like science but that was not my love. In life uncertainty I was brought my passion to share, write, photograph my style. I was gifted with something that I love doing! That I would not mind doing 24/7 (Which is currently my mode). I would not mind doing this forever in some way, shape, or form. Yes just a few months ago getting back in school was the mountain I could never get over. Yes as all life challenges come there is always a time for there gracefully departure. 

SO life here my ode to you that no matter how much uncertainty you bring me, there is always that bird’s eye perspective. As I move on to the next adventure I am not at all afraid of the close doors. I want to embrace life with open ARMS. Sitting up late at night smiling because my new adventure starts in just a few days and I could not be happier to start college again,  To see old and new friends. To embrace my passion on a deeper level. TO explore the unknown. These are the late night thoughts that I love to swirl around my head. Happy, inspirational, open minded thoughts. Thank you for the last year that has truly reaffirms my belief that everything happens for a reason. 


Janae (Happily Tired AS ….)

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