Hello September! Hello Readers! Hello Adventure! JUST HI! I hope that August has treated you well. As you know I have been absent on JSQ but for good reason. As I was hashing out the details of school, the new JSQ, My internship, and realigning my goals I did not want to compromise my articles. You know what I mean? I wanted to make sure I was investing the energy and portraying that to you (my lovely readers)!

After Atlanta and the whole month of August planning some serious changes to JSQ. If you have been following me on social media, you know that I have added a new team member to JSQ! I wanted to welcome my new photographer to the team. She is responsible for these AMAZING photos below and many more to come. I always say that it is so important to turn your daydream into a reality. SO I am happy to say that I am itching towards my goal mark! I am forever grateful for JSQ, the support, and the opportunities that August has brought to me!

Now down to the outfit inspiration and details! My love for bright colors is embedded so deep that I have to plan in advance to tone it down. Yes I will wear BRIGHT yellow, blue, red, and green in a crowd of neutrals. Why? Well I believe that colors speak for the mood. They speak for the excitement, the adventure, and the happiness that I feel when I am strutting around the city! I found this skirt at a thrift shop slash boutique just down the street from my house. I fell in love with the kelly green and bright neon green color! Not to mention the movement in the skirt was so fun to goof around in! I paired the hi-low skirt with a not so basic-basic from Forever 21. Keeping the skirt as the highlight and focus of the outfit! As we make down to the shoes I will forever be a fan of the barely there sandals! Let me express the love for my new shoes! You know when you ask for the one thing for Christmas and IT actually appears under the tree! Like WHAT! YES! That is how I felt when I found these shoes at Designer Shoe Warehouse! It was a lovely addition to my massive collection!

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you are having a lovely holiday! So happy to share what’s new on JSQ!








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