Crosses, Flowers, & Navy


Happy Wednesday! I feel like time is just flying by! I can’t believe that another fashion week craze is among us. I will not be in the action but I love following the beautiful chaos through some of my favorite bloggers. I look forward to the day that I will attend a fashion week! I am putting my desire to attend a fashion week out in the universe so it comes back to me! Anyone else believe in that philosophy? I am a firm believer that if you put it out there it will be returned. Fingers crossed!!! With fashion week approaching I am taking on covering some shows from the comfort of my couch… and popcorn!

OH wait random moment! SO I am a College Fashionista Intern! TOOO excited! When I initial applied for the internship about a year ago I never actually followed through! There was WAY too much going on in my life! But when the opportunity presented self again I snatched it up! To say the least I keep adding more crazy to the craziness.. AND I LOVE IT

I am adjusting to this crazy schedule and doing my best to find time and apps so I am keeping you guys up to date on a daily basis! As I find the beat of my drum bear with me. Honestly I am so excited for so many things. Have you ever just been in a really good mood and not many people can bother you? I mean like I am in a seriously LOVELY mood! Internally I feel so FREAKING AMAZING! Must be the constant consumption of coffee! I am all for taking a moment out of your day and writing down what you are grateful for. Might sound slightly cheesy but… HEY we all have our quirks!!!

Down to the outfit inspiration and details. You know those lost items in your closet. The dresses and shirts that some how get lost in the rabbit whole..? This dress was on of those dresses. I went through this phase of wearing it all the time to letting it collect dust. When I purchased this hat from Forever 21 i found a new love for this dress! I was feeling BOHOesque! The vibe was comfort!!!









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