Contagious Smile


FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! Can you tell the excitement for today! I did use all caps! I do not want to be the person who looks forward to FRIDAY every week. Really I do not. Today is a special FRIDAY. Today leads to a weekend of relaxation, cleaning, reading, and studying! A weekend dedicated to sweatpants, messy hair, no make up, and you know the rest! OH Friday!

Today I submitted my first article for College Fashionista! Excited level.. WAY beyond a 10.  or Nervous level WAY WAY beyond a 20. Normally I am not to nervous to spill my feelings or share something personal. When I typing my article for College Fashionista I found myself using the backspace key a lot. SO that leads me into today’s confidence booster.

It is so easy for me to write on my site! It is like a second nature when I start to create a new post! The words just start flowing! My nerves for College Fashionista came from not knowing what to expect after I submitted the post. I was so worried about how to do it right then just following my natural instinct and going with it! RIGHT! Crazy!!

My confidence booster goes like this! New things can be terrifying! Gut wrenching scary! Remember that those new activities, hobbies, careers, and so forth might be out of comfort zone. Even some of the most adventurous people have comfort zones. SO take a step back, a deep breath, and maybe even a break. Once you have calmed your nerves…. JUMP BACK INTO IT!!!! This is exactly what I am going to do! The first post is the scariest but I did it! I will continue to build my knowledge as the internship continues!

After my Friday Confident booster let’s get to the details of my outfit! On MY as you can tell this week I am in a shades of blue mood! Like I said In yesterday’s post you can find that blue takes up majority of my closet. OR some form of blue! I have a secret to tell you… The pants I am wearing in this post is actually a jumpsuit that I bought from Forever 21! Are you mind blown! Ok maybe you aren’t but I find style to be a creative outlet. SO I use that inner creativity buzzing away to find many different uses and versatility for my already existing wardrobe!








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