Love, Laughter, & Appreciation


Finding yourself in world where influences are everywhere sometimes can be a challenge! Lately I am finding it so hard to do what I want without starting a wave of reactions all around me! I have to take in account of the emotions around me, the reactions I may get whether negative or positive, and the waves I am most definitely deemed to crash into. I talk about passions, dreams. and goals a lot here on JSQ. The importance of finding yours and holding it close to your heart! With that passion comes the building blocks of success! The hard work, determination, and sacrifice to get where you so desperately day dream about. The urgency to achieve the success you so desperately yearn for will interfere with life at times. SO remember to slow down, take a step back, breathe in your success, and thank those around you. Show appreciation to the ones who guided you, encouraged you, and stood by you when everything seemed impossible! Why do you take a moment to recognize the help you received in going after your passion? Because for me without those people or that one person keeping me grounded I would have lost connection with the soul purpose of started on the journey of my dreams!

So with that in mind a welcome another crazy busy week of college, work, and life adventures! I open this week to appreciation!  SO take a day or two out of this week to appreciative those who have helped you succeed thus far! A simple Thank YOU email will suffice!

On to the good stuff! Alright so I have to say that yellow is my jewel tone! Man do I love yellow! This Forever 21 dress was such a great addition to clothing repertoire! I know we all have the moment when we find a piece that we must have! LIKE WE NEED IT!!!! That is how I felt with this dress. The color and the cutouts were the winning points for me! I wanted something different. A little dress that I feel so invincible in! Like I could easily rule the world with this dress. So crazy the power clothing can give you. Like a curtain of confidence! And of course these booties added a good 20 points on the confidence meter! Studs have the power to do just that! Maybe I am giving this outfit a little bit too much super natural powers but I feel pretty damn good in it!!












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