Not SO Average



What is average? What is normal? Well I can say that both normal and average depend on your perspective of life? Right? What may be average or routine to me may be completely foreign to others! I feel that TV and movies altered my view on college. College was made out to be glamorous and parties. Not that that is my scene is the first place but I would love the option to decline an invitation. Instead it is an automatic no because I have work, whether it be projects for JSQ, school work, or my day job. I still have very limited free time. SOME DAYS I need a break! A long drawn out 4 day weekend would be nice… While other days I can sip on coffee and keeping going like the energizer bunny! Funny how my energy level is so emotional!

Not so average…? No one is average or a plain Jane. everyone is unique! SO I challenge anyone who reads this to write 5 ways that they are unique! What makes you.. YOU?

My Friday wisdom that will welcome you to the weekend is whether or not your normal is being in a million different places at once or being a homebody! SWITCH IT UP! Do Something that is out of the normal for you! I am not sure what I am going to do that is not so normal for me but I will let you know MONDAY!

So Autumn is very much among us! Little brisk outside. Now its time to bring out the jackets, sweaters, scarves, and my least favorite jeans. Jeans are so uncomfortable at times. Restricts a lot of movement! When fall approaches I start leaning towards warm colors. Pumpkin, Navy, Army green, Burgundy, and so forth. That is exactly what I was thinking when I picked this outfit out for the day!







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