Skin Care Routine



When I first launched the beauty section of JSQ I started with a foundation article. A article about getting to know your skin type! Whether you have Oily, Normal, Dry, or Combination today I want to help you develop a skin care routine based on your skin type! TO decide which skin type your lovely face is head on over to JSQ SKIN TYPE!

Alright let’s get started!

Normal Skin Type:

For the balanced skin type who have the perfect PH balance between oily and dry. Although you don’t have much to do in order to prevent blemishes or imperfections, there are some tips just for good habits.

To maintain that normality you want to:

  • Use a gentle water soluble cleanser.
  • Look for a toner packed with anti oxidants. (Anti Oxidants fights the free radicals which cause stress to the skin)
  • Apply a moisturizer with a sunscreen. Try and find a product that is light and hydrating

Dry Skin Type:

For your skin type prone to red dry patches you want to use these tips to protect and care for your skin.

  • Use a mild, soap free cleanser, You want a product that will clean without stripping your skin of the natural oil.
  • When washing your face avoid using scalding hot water. Not that you would in the first place but stay below the realm of safe.
  • Keep in mind that you want products ( From Face Wash To Serum and Moisturizer) that will add water and moisture to your face.
  • Exfoliate on a weekly or bi weekly basis. Remember to use an exfoliate that will add moisture not pull it out.
  • You want to use CREAMS, SERUM, AND OIL based products. Layer a serum or cream over an oil.
  • Do not forget to baby your hands, lips , and feet
  • Always keep a lotion in your bag.

Oily Skin Type:

So you have the skin that looks shiny in the midst of your day! The skin that makes your makeup shift! I feel you loves! NO FUN! I promise although its not fun it is very manageable!

Here is how we manage:

  • Always wash your face 2x a day! Never more than twice a day. Washing your face more than twice a day will cause your skin to produce more oil… which is bad. Exception to the 2 a day rule is only if you are sweating!!
  • Use a gentle cleanser or a cleanser designed for acne prone skin.
  • Do not scrub your face! Scrubbing can increase oil production. Gentle circular motion is a good method to use
  • Only Apply Astringent or Toner to the oily areas
  • When moisturizing use a water based product. OIL FREE
  • Exfoliate once a week


A mixture between oily and dry. Use the tips above depending on what side of the scale your skin is on!



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