Delicate Details



I just love black and white photos! They are so classic! When you extract the color from the photo you are left with the details that were so delicately captured. Beautiful details! The delicate beautiful details in life keep me grounded in the moments of utter complete chaos! Today I decided to share my outfit of the day in black and white. I needed to be grounded! Get my heads out of the clouds!

Lately I have been so ambitious. Nothing wrong with ambition! Right..? Unless you hold yourself to accomplish those ambitions… But then life happens. Are you getting my drift. I bit off more then I can chew without taking into account that life happens. Silly me! Although I was in the clouds.. I gave myself a reality check realigned my goals! Prioritizing College first, JSQ next, WORK, and relax time! SO next week is another day. There is always another tomorrow. Some days just cause for a redo!  Very acceptable!!!! My advice for the week is to get out and go at it. Maybe more than once!












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