Work, study, write, and sleep have been the routine that has consumed my weeks recently. The lovely contradiction that engulfs my day to day activities is my drive for the chaos. While on the other hand I yearn to be in standstill as I the tornado just swivels around me. I bet you feel the weight of the contradictions every now and again.

Although some days may not be as productive as other or maybe I do not publish as many articles as I like. The question I get many many times is how do I relieve stress. Amongst the chaos I find peace in just this. My peace as simple as it is; is found in writing articles, styling photo shoots, indulging in magazine publications, coffee, and life.

Simple things! Right? When you dig deep into yourself you know exactly what life you have imagined for yourself. It will never matter at what life peak or crisis you may be smack dab in the middle of. It only matters that you are working towards your dream life. It matters that you aren’t losing sight of that. My dream life, that makes this no sleep lifestyle bearable, is to travel, live adventurously, create beautiful things, build long lasting relationships. All while having a good cup of coffee beside me!

The life we are working for very well deserves to be obtained. So on this lovely Monday, my vibe to you is to dream the impossible and reach the stars!

I have had this dress for a long time. I believe it was a gift from my mom. This dress has sat in my closet for years. Why is it when I pulled it out for today’s look it felt almost perfect. I believe that with a wrap dress you have to hit a level of maturity to really understand the elegance. You know when you are rocking the DVF masterpiece, you have to have that confidence that DVF was trying to achieve. So I guess when my mom came home from the store with this wrap dress I was not ready to grasp the elegance of this piece.











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