Beauty’s Narrative


I find immense beauty in photography. Not to be cliche but a photo does speak a million words. They tell stories. Beautiful intricate detailed narratives. Narratives that to your own personal photo is a reflection of what exactly you were feeling at that moment. What about how others view your photos.

In my daily cultural, lifestyle, beauty, and social media browsing I come across gorgeous photography that inspires me. Then I wonder what was Nicole of Gary Pepper feeling as she stood next to the gorgeous blue flowers? What about Kristina from Kayture as she was beautifully captured in the whirlwind of Orange and red leaves in Paris? Do they look back on their photos and remember the feeling beyond the posing?

One day I’ll be able to ask them exactly that question. The nagging curiosity looms from the inspiration other people give unintentionally. Nicole and Kristina, both now that they inspiring their fans and fellow bloggers. Do they realize on how deep of level? For me I look at photos and I try to recreate the emotion that was portrayed to me. And just like instantly I am motivated to plan a photo shoot or simply dress up the next day. That’s the effect that of photographs.  Each photo has a unique inspiration to them.

Remember that in the land of aesthetics we are surrounded by the beautiful. The beautiful is not meant to jaded or tainted with negativity. The beauty is to be adorned and celebrated. Find inspiration in the little details.

On to what inspired today’s look, besides sunshine and laughter. My quick but very memorable trip to Paris, the after I graduated high school always looms in the back of my head. Strolling though the cobblestone alleyways, finding a story in every restaurant we visited. I found Paris to be my home for those brief two weeks. In those two weeks I breathed in the culture that surrounding Paris. The old Bed and Breakfast’s that I called home for a few days here and a few days there. When I came across this old church with the unique door, in a matter of seconds I was filled with memories of Europe. This retro dress unintentionally embodied my Europe Journey. I have been reignited to go immerse myself in the beauty of it all!











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