Deep Rooted


I got my October issue of Elle! Are you excited for me? Did you get your October issue of Elle? The issue with Lorde on it. Although having Lorde on the cover is invigorating due to her ability to stay true to herself and her music. Amazing article on what’s it’s like to be 17 and Unstoppable, as Elle proclaimed Lorde. My favorite part of the October issue of Elle is that this is the personal style issue. On these pages style flows off through the stories behind women’s most treasured item in their closet.

I loved reading each article. The concept to tell that story behind your most beloved piece of clothing sparked some inspiration. I have a lot of love for my wardrobe. I have a soft side for turquoise. I love a sophisticated dress. When I thought about which one piece of clothing has the most unique story behind it.. I drew a blank. Not because I’m disconnected from my clothes but because so far each item I love dearly has allowed me to display a different side of my creativity. With my attraction to color I live for bright and happy. For my my more rebellious side I indulge in black, asymmetric hemlines, a little cleavage, and maybe some tightness. I guess what I’m saying is that styling is an adventure. I haven’t found the one piece that has been stylish soul mate on this journey.

What I believe is that my comfort piece will find its way to me in the most unconventional way. The importance of style to the fashion forward is almost as a mind blowing connection. An extension to our of our deepest dreams and passions. I can’t wait to find the piece that I never will let go of. Or that article of clothing that may be worn to the threads. Why can’t I wait for this part of my style to be surfaced because once I have that connection it will be another chapter in this lovely journey!

Continuing the Elle Magazine Personal Style theme, Do you have a deep rooted connection with something in your wardrobe? Let me know in a comment below!!










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