Smile Bright


Why? Well because I bright smile can instantly change your mood, vibe, and overall day! A bright smile can sum up everything I was feeling at that moment of this exact moment. Bright yellow top, bright pink lips, and a bright background. Let’s just say I was happy, oh so very happy. Recently I read a million and one articles about turning your dream into a reality. Feeling so inspired by the great advice that was given I have been on a goal driven roller coaster ride. I mean pages and pages of life goals that span for three years straight. Although this may be slight over done it still felt good to see where I am currently driven to shine bright.

Many of my goals involved a hundred and one creative endeavors. Goals to launch this, to plan this, to think in terms of this..! Are you getting my drift? I am driven to create. The more I create the happier I will be. That is the goal to be happy doing what you love! Happy Monday!











2 thoughts on “Smile Bright

  1. I love your style Janae! So chic, so elegant, and so fine! I love the yellow hue paired with the pleated maxi skirt, and those pumps you have on are simply amazing. Great outfit dear! – Lena

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