All About That


I would not be human if I did not feel overwhelmed and sometimes uninspired. I’m all about the need to keep going! Moving forward. Right, because every small exhausted step towards my goal is meaningful. There are sometimes when I am overwhelmed and then I become all about that stay-cation or maybe an actually vacation just to get a breather from college life, work life, blog life, and what not. I honestly love being in school, going to work, and making those steps to take JSQ to the next level! I mean I am all about the small steps leading to the bigger picture.

Let’s have a real moment. IT IS Exhausting but nevertheless it is exhilarating. When I am up late dividing my time between blog planning and my homework I know I am getting there. I may need a million cups of coffee the next day. I wanted to give you guys an update for this lovely Monday and This. My birthday is FRIDAY! I am so super excited to be turning 21!! Second update this week is so filled with college work! Like my professors knew that this week was my birthday, so they packed me with homework. That is OKAY, I tell myself I got this!!! Third update, with all the college work in tow, this week on the blog will be a little dry! I will try my best to post snippets throughout the week!

On a random life note. I am working on the finer details of moving JSQ to a new site! Super excited moment coming up for the blog. We are moving to much more avenues and it is fun to see my tedious planning coming to light up the bigger picture. I mean it’s a journey that I honestly love!

That is my update for today! I am going back to homework! Enjoy your money!



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