High Waisted

Quote of the Week: 
“Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful!”- Taylor Swift. 
Unique means being one of a kind, unlike anything else! Let your unique personality show throughout everything you do. It’s ok to go against the grain of things. It is easy to get into to routine or pattern in your daily life, hobbies, and even your style. I have the tendency to buy similar version of something I already have in my closet. So not only is ok to be accustomed to your ways be it is also ok to let your uniqueness peak a little hear and there. 
So here are some tips I have adopted so my uniqueness shows through my style!!!
  1. Pick one or two days to go completely go against the grain!
    1. If you love your t-shirt and jeans switch out for a dress and heels
  2. When you go shopping buy one item that you would never buy!
    1. You see something on Pinterest that you like but would never wear! Buy it!!!
  3. Add some different colors! 

The goal is to let your uniqueness show through your style. Don’t worry what other people may think. If you feel comfortable go for it.  


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