Masked By Floral

Happy Monday! Hope everyone’s weekend was great!? And filled with adventures. Majority of people dread Mondays! School or work always top off the week, giving us something to look forward to. For me I always start the day off with doing something I love, posting on Janae Sais Quoi!!
Sometimes when I’m feeling organized and in the mood to be productive, I make a list of goals for the week. My goals usually revolve around personal, future, and/or health related. This week is one of my productive weeks. Accomplish something this week. Something out of the ordinary!
Starting off a busy week with floral,pastels and neutrals. I LOVE my pastel colors! I can’t get enough of coral. Coral is the one color in my wardrobe that I do not need anymore of. I have a soft for coral though. To tell you a secret I’m not a fan floral. Floral has always been very hard for me to wear. Sometimes the floral pattern was too big or the color combinations weren’t suitable for me. Florals can be hard to manipulate. You don’t want to clash the floral with anything! I have warmed up to florals and I have found my way of styling them. Prints and brights are the current trends sweeping us to the mall!
For this outfit I am wearing a floral bustier that I purchased in Atlanta, coral skinnys that were a gift, and nude Steve Madden pumps that I got in Atlanta as well. This is one of my more girly looks which compliments my personality. I do like to mix it up though!?

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