Streets of Braga, Portugal

I think we can all agree that “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.”  Our special guest, C. Marques agrees that life is just to short!  There are a lot of adventures to be taken so you might as well look your best.

This week on Taking it to the Streets we travel to Braga, Portugal to get inside the inspiration and mind of C. Marques. Braga is known for the many church bells that echo through the streets. Although ancient and religious, Braga has modernized into a commercial and fashion center.

I interviewed C. Marques to get his take on life in Braga. Read his interview and click on his magazine to see his style on a daily basis!

JSQ: What is your occupation?

C Marques: Architect.

JSQ: What inspires your style?

C. Marques: I get a lot of inspiration from streetstyle and other fashion bloggers.

JSQ: Where is you favorite place to shoot?

C.Marques: My house. I´m quite comfortable, so that must be the reason *laughs*

JSQ: How would you describe your style?

C. Marques: If we need to label it, I think casual chic would probably be it. - Streets of Braga, Portugal  JSQ: Where do you feel the most inspired?

C. Marques: If we´re talking about places, I must say that my house is probably it. I can always think better with a glass of wine, in the quiet of my living room (the fireplace is also a bonus).

JSQ: How would you describe where you live in five words?

C. Marques: Youthful; Cool; Picturesque; Lively; but sadly quite unadventurous (the kids all dress the same);

JSQ: What is you most lived by styling tip?

C. Marques: Be yourself. Cliché, but true.

JSQ: What are some popular trends in your general area?

C. Marques: The monochromatic trend has a lot of fans around my city. It´s probably the most seen (and my favorite).

JSQ: I was wondering did you design your home?

C. Marques: I actually didn´t. My father designed it, but my life is so hectic that I find true pleasure in the fact that I can have a place to just relax.

JSQ: Does your work/job affect the way you dress?

C. Marques: I wouldn´t say affect but working in an architectural firm imposes some rules. Some clients find it quite offensive to meet them in ripped jeans and beat up converse. (laughs)

JSQ: Braga, Portugal seems dreary. How do you stay inspired?

C. Marques: Internet? (laughs) Actually, nowadays it´s easy to stay inspired if we have access to magazines and blogs.

JSQ: What inspired you to start your blog?

C. Marques: I had a tumblr first and I remember that I started posting some pictures of my style. Unfortunately, I only like to share greyish pictures and I would always Photoshop my pictures (well, just take the color off really). I had a few guys asking for colored ones and I guess that one thing led to another. Voilà. “Life´s to short to wear bad clothes” was created.

What do you think of Braga and C. Marques’s style? Be sure to leave a comment, we both want to hear your feedback

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