March Madness


Every year when March comes around, I feel that there is a certain madness that we all have. We are itching for winter to cross the finish line. Spring plays at the corner of our imagination. As we imagine what spring colors will compliment our new found glory. We ponder on thought of the sunshine, flowers, and the freshness that spring embodies. This madness that March brings is a lovely excitement to try all those trends we just saw on the runway. To bring out the unforgettable pastels. To embrace spring with open style.


I love March. Living in Ohio means our winter starts in late October and doesn’t end till March. We spend months on top of months in boots, bulky coats, and a array of mittens and scarves. One of my favorite parts about the madness is that I get to do my photo shoots outside again. Capture what a backdrop and artificial lighting couldn’t. With spring I get to bask in the sunlight. Which generally makes me a happier person.


Being holed up in sweater and fuzzy socks has it appeals on some days but I love getting out there and moving around! I have the tendency to stay holed up inside to avoid all things winter. Deep down I am destined for warmer climates. I dress in sweats and sweatshirts because I hate being cold. When March peaks around the corner I embrace it. I get out of the house, I stop eating like crap, and I start exercising outside again. March always refocuses my mindset. I am 1 million times more motivated than normal. I organize, I plan, I move around. Kind of like a really bad case of ADHD. I wonder what my family and my boyfriend thinks when I get into this mode. I don’t know but I bet it’s entertaining to watch.


So I am so happy that madness of march has finally come upon us. With my new mindset. this week I plan to get out more, have fun, and accomplish so much. So happy Spring Madness! Out to go for a run!




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