Dots on Dots on Dots


Every morning I try my best to read at least one article from another blogger. Usually I wake up and give myself enough time to eat my breakfast, drink my tea, and read my morning inspiration. If my plan is well executed I stay current on my Bloglovin feed, which includes many many blogs of all kinds. But there are days like today where I can read one article before I get into the hectic frenzy of my day. On those days I pick to read an article from, Kristina Bazan, who is the creative mastermind behind Kayture, writes appeasing articles with captivating photography and just enough humor to brighten up my morning.   



Kayture is my go to blog for inspiration. I look through her social media if I am in an outfit funk. We have all had an outfit funk, when seems to be going together right. Or just you simply have nothing to wear in sea full of clothes. After my third or fourth outfit fail I generally look to Kayture to give me that inspirational nudge out of the funk. I think it is important to have idols to look to for guidance at times. Not only are guidance and inspiration key reasons why Kayture is my go to blog but also I use Kristina’s success as a measure of wear I am at and wear I want to go. I love fashion, travel, food, and blogging; I want to be able to turn all those loves into a reality.



Not only is Kristina my fashion blogger idol but I also feel that she does a wonderful job of connecting with her readers. Even though I am not with her travelling the world she makes all of it so relate-able. I really sympathize the constant battle of trying to stay caught up on the Revenge. It is an extremely addictive show they will get you hooked right away. I understand Kristina’s obsession with lifestyle events and why they are so important. Most importantly I get the passion that comes with falling in love fashion and wanting that love to transfer over into a long life career.


Thank you Kristina Bazan for being my fashion blogger idol!

Hope everyone has an AMAZING hump day! I’m off to visit downtown with my family and then shooting a special post for you guys! 



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