Letting Go of Summer



Thank you so much Labor Day for gracing us with a short week! Am I wrong. Labor deserves some serious kudos! I am going to miss summer when fall finally bestows it’s sweater weather upon us! Do not get me wrong fall is one of my favorite seasons! I love the element of layering, hot cocoa, and especially pumpkin coffee. Nevertheless I am going to miss the easy breezy nonchalant attitude summer has. Every summer outfit is so easy to style! My favorite part is the airy feel of summer.

Although it may be in the 80s for a few more weeks, I can’t help but to think of Autumn. I keep trying to guess the A/W15 Fall trends… I am not joking..! Aren’t you curious to know what trends are going to be revived! Could be the inner fashion journalist in me.. Either way sometimes it keeps me up at night. Well back to point. Summer.. Letting go of summer is extremely hard for me. My entire wardrobe was built with summer in mind! Yes I am living on the wrong part of the continent! (Cali here I come) Positive note I have a stellar plan to build up my wardrobe to withstand the other elements! Challenge ACCEPTED!!!

Today’s post is to letting go of summer and welcoming the season of the layers and trench coats (a personal favorite). I bought this romper mainly for the color. I might say 40 percent of my closet is dedicated to the color turquoise! When I tried it on at the store it was a little loose. My thought at the moment was that I could make it work!!!! WELL a couple of months and few failed attempts later I finally was shoot in this romper. At first I was over thinking the styling process but I took a step back and decided to let the romper hold its own! The results of that decision are below.







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