Today I wanted talk about following your dreams! It is very easy to let your dreams sit to the side while you prepare for them. All it takes is day after day of saying “I will get to doing what I love” then you find that years have passed and your dream is still waiting. So lets embrace your dreams starting today and then one day at a time!

I have always had a love for fashion. I embraced style at an early age and found myself reading every fashion magazine there was. For years this was merely a hobby. I loved dressing up and nothing more or nothing less. I always thought that I get easily find a career that would support my love for shoes and such. So I did internship after internship seeing what was the best fit for me. It was like a coming to age ritual (lol). I was basically putting all my talents into one bowl and seeing what career would come of that.


After interning at an Architectural Firm, A start up consultant, A small run chocolate pretzel company, and a pediatrician office, I started college as a Pre-Med student. I enjoyed my internship so much, I love working with kids, and I love science. After my first year of college I switched to a business major with the goal of starting my own business. I realized that my talents were better suited for doing creative endeavors. I felt that no matter how much I loved science and kids that all the school and putting my life on hold wouldn’t be worth it.



So here I am running a blog about fashion and doing what I love. I took a step back and decided to make my dream work! So look out for my clothing line, magazine, and many things creative in the near future!


Let this be the day you take a step back and look at your dreams. Your dream is worth the up hill battle!



6 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. You are proof of someone who is following their dreams.
    This post is beautiful, stylish, and very well written.
    Continue to fly Janae, your going far.

    Love You,


  2. Janae,

    I too started as a PreMed major in college! From there I switched to nursing, nutrition, art, photography, etc. I could never find what I truly passionate about. That’s why I too created my blog and realized what I really wanted was a creative outlet. I hope you find what you too are looking for and go after it!

    -xo, Victoria

    • Victoria,
      I am so happy that you found what you wanted to do and love doing it. I think it is so crazy the stages we go through just to figure what we love doing. Thank you and keep updated in what you are doing!!

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