Random and Scattered Thoughts



Hey Everyone! Just a little warning this post be slightly random and I may ramble but I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind. I thought I would give you guys another update. So I am still in Atlanta and having a great time and exploring. I have done all these fun activities with the kids and we have been having a ball. I recently went to Krispy Kreme Donuts. This may not seem special because we all have had Krispy Kreme Donuts from our local grocery store BUT I had a fresh glazed doughnut right off the doughnut wheel!!! I am mean like a life changing experience! Who knew I doughnut could change your life like that!!! 

For the last 3 years I have volunteered at Girls Rock Camp ATL and this was my first year not volunteering and I have to say it was so strange!!! This camp has been such a huge part of my summers’ that a little piece of me cried. Girls Rock Camp is an empowerment camp that shows girls the power of music and really focuses on being comfortable in your own skin. They way the deliver the message home is through positivity throughout the 5 day camp. At the end of the camp each band, that was formed at the beginning of the week, performs on Saturday in front of all their family and friends. With my 3 younger sisters being part of the campers I was able to go and support the camp on a different level this year. It was so fun hearing all the songs that were created in just one simple week and seeing return campers blossom even more than last year. I won’t miss this again.

So that was last Saturday! Super fun! Ok so for some of more random thoughts on life and the world and what not. I am super bummed that I couldn’t find a photographer that met my requirements for various reasons. I wanted to visually showcase my adventure down here in Atlanta. It is an opportunity and a life changing adventure to be down here on my own. I feel that although my follow through with showing my ATL nanny style has failed I have learned a lot from this. I have learned a lot of things about being truly independent from my parents. Navigating all these grown up details of life has been slightly stressful but has truly paid off. My parents have taught me a lot in terms of being resourceful. My main purpose of taking this nanny job was to travel, have a life experience, and help me get ahead with paying for college. SO although I didn’t accomplish every big goal I had planned for ATL I learned a lot down here and I can not wait to see what travel adventures next summer brings me. 

OH yeah and about the college thing so I finally I got my acceptance letter from Akron University. I transferred, I thought that there was no way I was going to be able to get all my paperwork in, payments in by the time I needed to. Luckily I worked my umph off and stayed on top of my college situation. With my unexpected year off getting my acceptance letter from AU is so symbolic of a new start for me. I’m back on the path to making my dreams a reality. To have college back in the mix is huge. The last year has been so testing in so many ways. I have missed college and all the satisfaction I get from having a hand in my education and my goals! I could go on and on about my sheer excitement for AUGUST 25th but instead I am going to tell you guys that every now and again test are thrown your way, remember that you are in control of your life. For me a little detour was just what I needed to realign my dreams. 

Jumping back to JSQ and not being able to document my ATL adventure I have been planning a lot of additions and diversity to JSQ. I am hoping to showcase a little more of my personality within JSQ. Displaying what I care about, whats close to my heart, what gets me a little bit heated on the controversial level, my other talents and what not. SO my dear readers Thank you so much for sticking around and reading my posts. I appreciate all the likes and love I get on Janae Sais Quoi. All of it truly holds a special place in my heart because with the launch of this site came a launch of my passion. This passion of a mix of journalism, photography, writing, art, and so much more has made me 100% sure that this is what I love doing and this is what I want to do in life! (JUST ON A LARGER SCALE) SO thanks! And lets go for what makes us happy. 

Happy Hump Day Loves!



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